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“One of my biggest goals for any client is for them to realise the power of food, to improve their relationship with food and for them to learn how food is nourishment towards them meeting their goals, be that improving strength, body composition or mindset”

My passions have always been nutrition, health and fitness. I don’t fit the anti-diet mould, nor do I fit the ‘grind-harder’ cliché, but because I experienced eating disorder for about 10 years it's important for me that aethetics goals go alongside with health and life balance.

 Fitness allowed me to completely change my life and become the best version of me. The more I transformed, the more I realised that I wanted to help others to do the same - because I honestly spent my whole life thinking it was impossible and that I was forever destined to live in a body I hated.

my transformation

I believe in a no BS approach and put education at the forefront of all coaching programmes so that you will gain the knowledge, confidence and autonomy to maintain the results that you work so hard for.

My promise : I’m here to help the busy working women transform their bodies for life without banning food they love while while skyrocketing their confidence.

If you’re here because you want some help you achieve the same than I did, then I’m very glad because you’re definitely in the right place. x

Who am I?

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